Speak life – to everyone.

Call out the traits I have placed in my children. Make known what I have shown you about others.

Let no criticism come from your lips.

Even if you think they know, remind people of the good they are reflecting from me.

Be a faith-affirmer – call out all that is admirable from the tiniest detail to the greatest accomplishment.  Tell my children that I love them, tell them they are mine and that their goodness comes from Me.  I don’t want my people to be timid, I wish for them to be bold.  Lift them out of condemnation.

Speak Life.  Speak Life.  Speak Life.

Listen intently, hear my words, make known what I reveal to you.  Leave it to someone else to correct – Your job is to praise.

In your weakness I am strong.  Where you lack, I am abounding.  Where you judge, I have compassion.

Speak Life.

Call out truth.  Call out talent.  Call out righteousness.  Call out wisdom.  Call out strength.

Speak Life.

Affirm the callings of my children.  Be a light in the dark. Speak joy in the midst of despair.

Call forth buried gifts.

Speak Life.