The headlines are screaming and everyone’s got an opinion and a comment and a side.  I’m not much different.  I have thoughts and feelings and I’m confused and angry and scared and mostly sad.  But in the midst of the scrolling rhetoric, I want to set those aside and shine a little light, bring a smile, a bit of celebration.  So…

Today will be remembered for many things, but for me it will always be the anniversary of my sweet friend’s birth.  So here is my gift to her.  While she has everything she needs and let’s face it, she certainly doesn’t need another mug or book or picture frame from me, I thought I’d get her something I have plenty of…words.  Words to honor someone who loves radically and quietly.

While most are out there hashtagging fillintheblanklivesmatter, she is living what matters.  My friend who moved mountains to welcome her Haitian son into her home.  I watched as she spent countless hours and dollars and tears filing paper work, calling embassies driving him to and from school once he was here.  This friend who encourages and lifts and trains and loves her people well.  This friend who models everyday (ok, most days) what “the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.” (1 Peter 3:4) looks like.

So yes, I mourn today so much violence and division and senseless loss of life, but also I celebrate, because there is light in the midst of the dark.  Light that will always…ALWAYS overcome the dark.  And my dear friend is just one example.

Happy Birthday, friend.  So many roads we have walked together.  And so many more to come.  I am forever thankful that I determined almost 10 years ago that I wanted to be your friend and that I finally wore you down… ❤